Cultural Artisanship for a Changing World

Welcome. Whether I'm facilitating workshops, leading folks in circlesinging, or making art and music, the intention is always the same. In these times of injustice, ecological crisis, and cultural dissocation, we need tools to help us re-connect- to our hearts, our creative capacities, our communities, and our planet. Each of us was born with gifts to offer, but we have too often diminished or ignored them because of personal or cultural stories of inadequacy, incapacity, or insufficiency. 

 The world needs our gifts now more than ever. Our compassion, our artistry, and our willingness to step outside of our comfort zone on behalf of our wounded world are offerings which can inspire others, can change hearts, and can support our mutual sense of belonging to each other. 

There are tools we can share to help us. The Work That Reconnects, as well as other practices, help us stay present and feel empowered to serve. Participation in creative endeavors-  music, art, storytelling- teach us about trusting our intuition, our capacity to co-create with others, and letting ourselves take risks. I think improvisation is one of the most valuable tools in an engaged citizen's toolkit! And the wisdom of poets, teachers, and philosophers quoted in my artwork can support and solidify our intentions as we go through our days. 

Thank you for exploring the offerings here. As all the beings in a garden, we each have a unique and vital role in supporting our communities and our world. May you find yourself on that path with joy and clarity.

“Barbara Ford is an impassioned leader of the Great Turning, a visionary artisan of cultural evolution, one of our best twenty-first-century guides to a better world. She helps us remember who we are and where we are and to contribute joyously and effectively to our endangered world in these times of radical opportunity. She guides humbly yet boldly, methodically yet spontaneously, soberly yet humorously — with sparkling creativity, mischievous delight, a great heart, and compelling song.” 

— Bill Plotkin, Author, 
Nature and the Human Soul and Wild Mind

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Growing the Collection of Poetic Responses to Planetary Emergency 

Poetry seems to be stalking me right now. As the news worsens and spreads in the planetary emergency, the only words I can muster at times are those that take this more numinous form. The experience of living in the paradox of these times of destruction, uprising, heart, and grief is one of the core challenges right nowThis is the third of a series of poems I've written lately in response. More of my works of poetry and prose are available on



The monk in me
the one who
peers at the…

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