It’s difficult to imagine a more challenging moment in the history of humankind. Confronted by crisis on all fronts: environmentally, climatologically, socially, morally, psychologically and spiritually, the need for authentic, heartfelt leadership and facilitation has perhaps never been greater. Barbara Ford is a rare example of these two arts done masterfully, gently, and with a keen sense of justice.
Dahr Jamail, journalist and author of The End of Ice 

Barbara is committed to supporting the hearts and spirits of those concerned about inequity and planetary destruction. Her offerings as a teacher, artist, and activist all arise from the same intention- to support and grow a grounded, creative, joyful, and effective movement for healing our world and its people. 
Paul Cienfuegos, Founding Director, Community Rights US 

Staying on task with our work of healing the Earth is hard these days, especially with the denial and resistance to change we see all around us.  Barbara’s workshop was like an oasis in the desert offering respite, confronting the despair, and finding strength in a community of companions.
Workshop Participant 

Barbara Ford has taken up the baton from famed environmental activist, Buddhist scholar and writer Joanna Macy, bringing her own brand of vibrant presence and creative engagement to the work of climate change activism. Our planet is heading toward a catastrophe of runaway climate change, a tragedy unknown in human history. And yet we turn away--because we are so busy, because it is so big, and because we think we are so small.  Barbara brings people together and playfully but profoundly gets us to wake up to the depth and breadth of the crisis--and our emotional denial about it-- so that we can all get on with work of healing the planet. This is the spiritual and psychological work that all of us desperately need if we are to act on this crisis in time. 
Daphne Wysham, Activist, Director, Center for Sustainable Economy 

As an inspiring guide in this time cultural crisis and transition, Barbara Ford combines a contagious vitality and a firm faith in the power of the human spirit.  It is a joy for me to watch how she enlivens groups with her humor, intellect, and creativity. In all her endeavors- as an artist, singer, teacher, and organizer - I rejoice that she is bringing her life-changing work to our world. 
Joanna Macy

As a climate activist, scientist and mother who feels compelled to do all I can to fight for a better future for my children and for all people and life, I am at times overwhelmed by the realities with which we are faced. As I strive to find balance in these treacherous times, Barbara's invaluable work helps me ground myself and acknowledge that my grief for the world springs from love and is a normal response to what is happening. I'm incredibly grateful to Barbara for her commitment to supporting my work and the work of so many who are active in the struggle for justice and for protecting life on earth.
Adriana Voss-Andrae, Founder, 350PDX