Barbara offers workshops, classes, and creative experiences for a variety of audiences, including faith communities, non-profits, educational institutions, activist groups, intentional communities, and anyone wanting to deepen their sense of community, creativity, and intention.

Events are offered with the following focus areas: 

Despair and Empowerment

How do we stay present, emotionally and spiritually, in order to participate effectively and joyfully in the healing of our world? Based in large part on the revolutionary work of eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, called The Work That Reconnects, these workshops help participants move through disempowering despair and numbness to a sense of connectedness and capacity to use their gifts in service to all. Recent offerings include The Work That Reconnects; Active Hope; and Climate Change Despair and Empowerment. 

Resistance and Resilience

This workshop provides a framework for self and community care in difficult times. Through Reframing our circumstances; Regrouping and grounding ourselves; Reclaiming our creativity; Respecting our emotions; Re-envisioning our future; and Reactivating our intention; we grow our capacities to weather the storms, literal and figurative, in our world. 

Radical Gratitude

How can gratitude practices support us personally AND support the work of justice? In these workshops, we explore the qualities of gratitude that are deep and sustainable enough to hold us even in the darkest times, and expansive enough to support the hard work of individuals and communities working for justice. Practices, both familiar and emergent will be explored, shared, and created together. 

Cultural Artisanship

Our world today needs as much of our creativity as possible! The creative process teaches us skill, attitudes, and principles that will serve us well in our quest to contribute boldly, joyfully, and effectively. Workshops include Improvisational singing/Circlesinging and Artistry as Training for the Revolution.