I’m available to consult with individuals and small groups on the following: 
The Work That Reconnects
            WTR Facilitation Coaching 
            Integrating WTR into your personal and community practices 
Contemplative Practices for Activists and Other Engaged Humans 
            Developing community practices that are trauma-informed, multi-sensory, 
            and relevant for those engaged in activism or other service to the world. 
Radical Gratitude 
            Using the Radical Gratitude model for personal and community resilience 

Details: These are offered on the Zoom platform, or on the phone as needed.
I’m happy to have an initial free conversation to talk about your goals and needs.
I aim to make this available to as many folks as possible.
Hence, I offer this service on a gift economy basis.
I ask participants to consider the following when offering payment: 

What is fair? 
What can you afford? 
What can you offer with joy? 

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