Resistance. Resilience, and Radical Gratitude

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UU Congregation of Salem, 5090 Center St., Salem, OR

In this time of political and cultural strife, we are challenged to re-imagine our personal and collective capacities for hope, resilience, and work for justice. In recent years, the mass uncovering of layers of oppression – racism, xenophobia, climate chaos, corporatism, patriarchy- has left some folks shell-shocked and despairing, but galvanized as well to become a part of the resistance to that oppression.

In this workshop, we will explore our emotional responses, our personal and collective wisdom, our fortitude and intentions for the work ahead, and our capacity for gratitude and other spiritual practices to ground ourselves for the journey. Group sharing, ritual, movement, and music will be the portals for this experience, building community and personal strength for the road ahead.

Sponsors: 350 Salem OR & UUCS Social Justice Team

Offered on a gift economy basis. See more at registration page.