Webinar: Active Hope Training

Free webinar by CollegeofWellbeing.com.

How to face the mess we're in and give your best response: a free webinar about nourishing our ability and enthusiasm to make a difference in the world. Led by Chris Johnstone and Barbara Ford, and drawing from the book Active Hope, we'll be exploring practices and principles that help grow our capacity to address concerns about the world.

The webinar is for an hour, starting at 10am US PT, 1pm US ET, 6pm UK BST, 7pm Europe CET, 10.30pm India time. For other timezones, please see http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com

We'll also introduce the six-part online course in Active Hope Training led by Barbara Ford and Chris Johnstone that starts on 30th September 2018.

For more details, please see http://collegeofwellbeing.com/active-hope/